Awesome Meadows and Unconquered Spaces!

  “Go ye into ALL the world and preach the Good News to ALL creation.”  Mark 16:15

Last summer on our vacation in Montana we drove through some of the most beautiful scenery that you can imagine.  Upon coming down from the mountains in Glacier National Park a voice from the backseat rang out, “ooh, look at that meadow!  I want to lie down in it.”  Anyone who spent much time with Chandler knew of his love for meadows.  He was particularly fond of open and green meadows, especially when they were outlined by forests or mountains.  Whenever he spotted an “awesome meadow” he always pointed it out and talked about how he wanted to go run through it.  And many times he did!

from Jimmy's Journal

When I see a meadow, I typically imagine myself lying down in the cool grass, dozing in and out of sleep while the warm sun beams down on my face.  But what about Chandler?  What did he think of when he saw meadows?  Well, one of his journal entries we found this month explains his thoughts.

“Whenever I’m in the middle of a big open meadow, I have an urge to walk.  To walk across the unconquered space.  This is how I see the world and my calling to go and make a difference.  I’ve got to be a burning fire. Ready to ignite, to go and be a missionary to the lost throughout the whole world.  I am urged by the Spirit, compelled by the (love of Christ) and called by the (Father).  I must go.  Lead me, oh Lord.”  

Chandler was 15 years old when he made this journal entry.  What did Chandler think of when he saw a beautiful meadow?  He thought of unconquered spaces.  Spaces so vast and unexplored that they seem to call for someone, to go and search them.  To conquer them.  He wanted to walk across those fields.  But further, these meadows symbolized the WORLD and of all the unconquered space or peoples of the world that need Jesus Christ!  He heard the meadows calling him.  He felt a responsibility to GO.  But to go where?  Into the world.  Chandler linked the physical “world” in meadows to the spiritual “world”, a world that is lost, wild, and in need of Salvation.  Just like he wanted to reach the far end of a meadow, he wanted to reach into the lost world.   To Chandler, to GO was  1) to literally GO and be a messenger of the Gospel to the lost throughout the world.  To him the world included his home in Texas as well as the other side of the world.   And 2) that you don’t just go, you have to make a difference.  In our family we challenge each other with the saying “Go Mad”, which is an acronym for “ Make A Difference.” He recognized that it doesn’t matter if you go into the world if you don’t leave something behind that wasn’t there before.  Regardless of his location and who he was around, his desire was to lead others closer to his Savior.  Thinking of all this must have excited him and his heart!  He said, “I’ve got to be a burning fire – Ready to ignite!”  He said, ” I MUST GO!”.  And then he didn’t plan to just go wherever or do the first thing he could think of.  He ended the entry with “Lead me on Lord!”.  He looked to and listened to and trusted the Lord to lead him.  

So, what about you?  Where are your “unconquered spaces”?  What I mean is what is the Spirit asking you to do and where is the love of Christ compelling you to go?  For you, the Lord may be placing it on your heart to more intentionally be a witness at work or on your high school or college campus, to be a light and share with those you work with or with your fellow students or professors.  Or, you may be asked to step out and go on a mission trip either here in the US or abroad to serve and bring the love of Christ to the lost and needy.  To Make A Difference you don’t necessarily have to go off to China, although it may be a call for some.  In fact, I believe the United States needs as many missionaries itself as other countries do.  You can Go and make a difference right in your own neighborhood.

The main thing is to GO!  To Do Something!  Take action!  It’s obvious based on Jimmy’s journal entry that he had the thoughts of “going”.  But he wasn’t content just with a thought.  And he couldn’t just journal about it.  He acted!   He couldn’t sit still too long in the meadow.  He had to conquer it.  “I must go”, he said.  Jesus said in Mark 16:15 to “Go into all the world and preach the Good News”.   And James 1:22 says to “be doers of the Word and not just hearers only”.  So what is burning in your heart?  Start there, and ask the Holy Spirit to fan that flame into a raging fire.  Let Him lead you.  If you don’t have a starting point ask the Lord to put a burden on you heart.  And listen for His leading.  In either case, as Chandler ended his prayer, pray “ Lead me, Oh Lord.”  May the next time you come across a big open meadow, think of the open and unconquered places that God is calling you to.  And then, go MAD!  Walk across it and Make A Difference!

Our Father in heaven, we thank You for beautiful meadows and I also thank You for your servant Chandler and for what he saw in the meadows.  Thank You for shaping his heart and for the light, Your light, that his life displayed.  We are thankful for the message of the meadow and that it was written down and recorded for us to observe and learn from.  Please bless all who read this post.  Father, lead us to our own meadow and give us the desire and power to conquer it for You!  Ignite our hearts!  Empower us to GO!  Lead us oh Lord!  In the name of Jesus, Amen!   Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

Go find your meadow!  

Chuck Brazell with Christian Brazell

Jesus Commands Us to Go! by Keith Green

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17 Responses to Awesome Meadows and Unconquered Spaces!

  1. Dina Ash says:

    Inspiriting message…thanks for sharing. I loved being around Chandler and watching him grow. Lots of great memories and laughter he brought. He had a heavenly perspective and a passion for sharing it with others. He truly impacted so many lives…especially mine/ours.

  2. Rachel Brazell says:

    Thanks for posting, dad!

    this reminds me of a verse in one of Jimmy’s favorite Psalms:
    “I have not hidden Your righteousness within my heart;
    I have declared Your faithfulness and Your salvation;
    I have not concealed Your lovingkindness and Your truth
    from the great assembly.” Psalm 40

  3. Heidi Stupavsky says:

    Obviously Chandler is still making a difference. Thank you for sharing that! I believe God will always take a bad circumstance and turn it for a “good” that will blow us all away, if we will allow Him and say, “Lead me, Oh Lord!”. My family is proof of that, (abuse – restoration – now bringing hope to the hurting internationally). I never got to meet Chandler but his life is such an inspiration! Blessings and Joy abundantly in 2012

  4. Susan Hufstedler says:

    Chuck, thank you for sharing this. You all have been on our hearts and minds. Chandler was so very special. Love you all.

  5. Sarah Hufstedler says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this post. A lot of times we need to read things such as this to re-convict us. It demands us to recall what we are really here for and not to ignore The Calling. You guys have really been on my heart lately, and I am praying for you this season. I love all of you and am so privileged to be able to call you all my extended family. You guys change lives and knowing ya’ll has impacted mine!

  6. Rhonda Arnwine says:


    Thank you for opening your heart and sharing Jimmy with each of us. Each month I look forward to his and your inspiration.

  7. Shelby Bennett says:

    This is beautiful, I’ve been waiting for a post. Thank you! I’ll remember the “go mad” acronym as another challenge to be crazy about Jesus. God bless.

  8. Janet Baber says:

    Thank you, Chandler, Chuck and Christian.
    After reading this post, I feel like I have spent a few more precious minutes with Chandler being inspired and challenged by him. From the first time I met him, Chandler’s passion for Jesus compelled me to smile, cast off my middle-aged cynicism, and see the Christian life afresh. Daily, may I recognize as he did that I am running through the meadow with a responsibility to make a difference in my journey. Brazells, thank you for this reminder to spread the love of Christ with vigor and urgency in the brief time I have left amidst this meadow.
    “Lead me on, Lord!”

  9. Jared Clayton says:

    Wow that was so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing. Wow, age 15 when he posted that. Crazy awesome. :)

  10. Sherry Craig says:

    Compelled! Chandlered was compelled;compelled by love….for he knew LOVE! I am humbled and convicted by such a call to life by Chandler….to live every moment with intent, to press on, to share Christ with those in my world, and yet, I feel the reality that without knowing LOVE the way he did… will not be so. So for me the challenge is to press not only on but press in! I am soon thankful to have had the privilege to know Chandler and to be loved by LOVE through him…..may his fire continue to ignite, inspire, and burn bright in this world!

    Much love and thanks to you

  11. Rachel says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It is truly beautiful.

  12. Ryan Funkhouser says:

    Thank you so much for such a challenging and encouraging post! I only met Jimmy (Chandler) briefly at a TeenPact class, but I wish I could have known him better! His testimony from what I have heard from others about him has truly been a significant challenge for me to live my faith to the fullest for Christ.

  13. Sharon Freeman says:

    I will rest my head tonight praying to have my faith infused with the the strength of your family. Thank you for the inspiration, Chuck, Christian and Chandler!

    Sharon Freeman

  14. Lydia Shanks says:

    Chandler’s message stirs the very fibers of my soul. Thank you for raising such a wonderful son and for sharing his life with all of us. There is a harvest of righteousness being sown, even in these sad days. I, for one, will never be the same because of the love of Christ that compels me through the example of Chandler’s life.

  15. Rachel Baber says:

    I feel like I just had a conversation with Jimmy… Thanks for sharing Jimmy’s thoughts with so many. I’m inspired to ‘Go MAD’ and find an awesome meadow now. ;)

  16. Sophie Riling says:

    The first time I met Jimmy, we were students at TeenPact. It seemed like he was always outside, surrounded by people singing along with him while he played his guitar. I thought he was such a hippie with his huge fro and headband, but his passion for singing to Jesus was so contagious!! Even now Jimmy’s messages are reminders of the Father’s deep love for people. Thank you Mr. Brazell for this post. We love ya’ll.

  17. John Clark says:

    Dear Chuck and Rhonda,
    Jimmie has been heavy in my heart all day, I have learned to love him like a son since he has been gone, To read this tonight was so special, It makes me want to make a difference in a way I can’t begin to explain. What you and your son have given me amazes me and I am so blessed. Thank You and My love to you and Jesus always.
    Your Friend in Montana,
    John Clark

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