Hi, My Name is Jimmy! What’s Your Name?

“HI, MY NAME IS JIMMY!  WHAT’S YOUR NAME?”  This phrase is one of many thoughts that Chandler (Jimmy) wrote on his bed posts and slats as he was going to sleep each night.

One night this week, a night I was really missing Chandler, I laid down on his bed and looked up.  And there was this phrase, written in bold letters on the upper bunk slat.  I’m not exactly sure when he scribbled this saying, but I’m guessing that it was last summer before his first trip to China.  He was looking for a comfortable way to start a conversation with people he didn’t know.

(slat above Chandler’s bed)

I decided to use this quote, one of Chandler’s introduction lines, as a way to launch this new blog and as a way to introduce several goals that I have.  The reason I have started this blog in the first place is share with you who Jimmy is!  We have been asked by many friends to share Chandler and the many treasures that he left behind.  So, It is my desire to share with you his heart, his deep thoughts, his songs, his joy, his faith and basically share his life with you.  Through this blog I also want to point to Christ.  I want to give glory to Him who Chandler loved and served, and now is in the presence of and will forever worship!  LastIy, I hope to encourage and challenge all of us who read these posts to live our lives intentionally for our King, never taking a moment for granted but living each day to its fullest.


Chandler truly wanted you to know and understand who he was.  He risked your impression of him to be open and to share details about his life.  Chandler was transparent and was willing to share his passions and his struggles.  He wanted you to know the person Chandler.  The name Chandler means ” bringer of light”.  And that is exactly who he was; a bringer of The Light!


One amazing thing about Chandler was that he sincerely wanted to know you, and who you were.  He believed everyone “has a story to tell”, and he wanted to hear it.

I remember last summer I encouraged him to start a lawn mowing business.  So I helped him create a brochure, we rehearsed some sales lines and off he went around the neighborhood to line up yards to mow.  He was gone almost the whole day.  When he finally returned I was eager to hear how many he had found.  Zero!  No new yards, but many new friends.  He would get into a conversation with the neighbor and at a few of the homes spent close to an hour talking about life and listening to their story and even praying with them.  That was Chandler!  When he asked you your name he was asking you to share your story.  And he really wanted to listen.  He also wanted to take your conversation and turn it towards Christ!  And that’s because he was concerned about you!  That’s why everyone considered him to be their best friend.


So, I end this post with the question Chandler would ask.  ”What is YOUR Name?”  More specifically, who are You?  What is important to you?  Do you slow down enough to get to know those the Lord puts in your path? Do you care?

Look around and take notice of the people around you.  These are real people.  These people are men and women and children that God loves and is concerned about.  People who have an eternity before them to be spent in either heaven or hell.   Take an extra minute and start a conversation with them by asking “What is your name?”

My Name,

Chuck Brazell- Chandlers dad!

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29 Responses to Hi, My Name is Jimmy! What’s Your Name?

  1. Thank you so much for creating this website and sharing this special memories and insights with us. Seeing those words written on the slats really impacted me, as well as all of the other notes and scriptures he wrote. It just demonstrated to me that Jimmy was ALL for Jesus. I will be reading every post eagerly as his testimony continues to change my life. Thank you!

  2. Sherry Craig says:

    This so perfectly describes Jimmy……….Gabriel recently shared as we drove by the cemetery that one thing he loved about Chandler was how when he came over to “hang and play guitars” with Brandon………he would always ask Gabriel how he was doing, etc. and take time to listen……..Gabriel said he knew Jimmy really cared about him even though he was coming to see Brandon!

    Chandler’s bed is such a refuge for the soul!
    I am so looking forward to every post!

  3. Gayla Parker says:

    Chuck, thanks so much for starting this blog. Chandler made a lasting impression on almost everyone he met and has a special place in the hearts of all those who knew him well. His is dearly missed!

  4. Rhonda Brazell says:

    There’s so much to learn from this wonderful young man, and this is a great intro. Thanks, Honey!

  5. Glen ferguson says:

    Chuck, wish I could have gotten to know him.from what I read sounds like he had a lot of you in him. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Rachel Middleton says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Mr. brazell!! this phrase truly describes jimmy the way he wanted to know so much about people and actually cared!! thanks for letting him be a part of my life and now every time i meet someone and say “hi, my name is Rachel, what’s your name?” i’ll think of him and i hope i will be able to live up to the phrase!! thanks again!!

  7. Carl Garrett says:

    “…who Jimmy is!” – That’s right, God is the God of the living, not the dead! Mark 12:27. Having three daughters in our home, Shelli and I didn’t have the opportunity to be around Jimmy very much. I remember meeting Him at Pine Cove and him leading us in worship. But I had no idea of his love for the Lord and his heart for evangelism. He and I would have had lots to talk about. At some point earlier on, he obviously had heard over and over God telling him He loves him. There’s no other way to account for so large a portion of grace that he had in his heart. Commitment and dedication to the Lord doesn’t have the power to make any of us like Jesus or Jimmy. Nothing short of falling completely in love with the Lord will produce such a beautiful living sacrifice!

  8. Sara Huang says:

    I met Jimmy after one service at Haidian church in Beijing. He came to the worship team to sign up for volunteering work. We shook hands, and I asked him what he was doing in Beijing, he said teaching. I asked” What do you teach”, he looked into my eyes answered without hesitation “love, true love”. I was… surprised, couldn’t utter a word for more than 2 seconds… That confidence, that humility and that uniqueness can be found no where else, but in Jimmy Brazell. Praise the Lord for creating him! And yes, he said “My name is Jimmy, what is your name?”… This is so him, I still remember his face and eyes what he was saying it. Thank you Mr. Brazell for this blog, I await to be inspired more and more.

    • Josenid says:

      WE LOVE THEM! You guys are seriously aiamzng! We loved every minute of it with you guys! Thanks for being a part of our day and working so hard to make it special for us!

  9. Dina Ash says:

    This totally describes Chandler…always made the time to listen and ask how you were…but it was never just random words…he truly meant it! I believe when Chandler said he would pray for you, he actually took it to heart and brought it before the Lord. It is interesting how he was about his Father’s business and knew what was important at the time.
    Thanks for sharing, Chuck.

  10. Jessica says:

    I’m so very glad you’ve started this, Bro. Chuck. I never got to know Jimmy too well, but I certainly knew enough about him to know his love for Christ. I knew He shone wherever he went and to whomever he met. I am so excited to get to know him better, and continue to learn from him. Praise the Lord for sharing him for the time He did!

  11. John Clark says:

    Excellent Idea Chuck! This will be a great place to go for memories and new input from friends. Jimmie taught us all about what matters in this world we live in, may we all light up , jump and sing with him someday, but first we must slow down and see what is in front of us and we must care! ( I will pray that we will see stories from the mountains coming into this site someday ).

    • Victoria Johnson says:

      I couldnt agree with you more John!! Jimmy was about caring… not being to rushed to see someone who needed him… a friendly hello… or someone to come along side. I saw him that week seek out those that were left behind… just as your dog bob would try to herd us… jimmy herded those left out…. it warmed my heart to see his heart so openly.

  12. Cliff Bomer says:

    I didn’t know Chandler too well. So little that I just learned he went by Jimmy. I know we enjoyed him and the rest of your family while you were our neighbors.

    We have been learning in our small group that we all have a purpose God has given us. I can only believe that Chandler had completed his purpose and Jesus brought him home. Chandler touched so many people in less time than most people much older than him. We should all strive to get outside out comfort zone and say hi, may name is….

  13. Dee Potter says:

    Hello Jimmy…Im a friend of your mothers, we went to school together……My son Charles went home too this summer to be with God, his work here on earth was done….I hope you two have gotten to meet and become great friends….Your mom is this incrediably strong woman…who has given me more strength then she will ever no…….my son like you spent his life here serving God and helping everyone and anyone who needed it…Im honored as Im sure your mother is that God chose us to be your mothers…So Jimmy……Hi, my name is Dee and Im charles’ mom…nice to meet you baby…………You boys keep an eye on us ok……and come see see us when can.. Thanks Potters mom

  14. Jessica sparks says:

    Hi Jimmy My name is Jessica and i heard your story thru my dearest friend potters mom i must say you sound like a wonderful man of god and your story touched my family’s heart deeply i want to say rest in peace but i know you and potter aint even trying to rest i know yall are visiting others dreams still spreading the word of god :) ) it was nice to hear your story and i know potter is keeping you company <3

    • Dee Potter says:

      This is the reason I make it …these young wonderful friends of my son….there is not a day that goes by that one of them doesnt show me this unconditional love…Jessica..thank you….for everything you have done….luv u …Potters mom

  15. Nathan Baber says:

    Thanks Mr. Brazell for posting. I feel this was so much of who Jimmy was. He truly wished to be everyone’s friend and to draw everyone he came in contact with closer to God. I’m looking forward to grow and be inspired through future posts! Thanks for sharing Jimmy’s legacy.

  16. Daniel Solid says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Chuck! Although I only had the privilege of working with Jimmy for one week, over a few days, his friendliness quickly had us diving into deep discussions. He was thoughtful in how he exhorted people, too. In fact, he came up to me after one of my sessions and offered the most empowering encouragement I received during the entire week. His conversations and encouragement seemed to be driven by such a genuine love for others! Looking forward to being challenged by future posts!

  17. Brandon Craig says:

    This does truly describe Jimmy! Thank you for posting this. Jimmy was a true friend and inspired me so much! I look forward to the things that I will continue to learn from his Godly example.

  18. Angie Pattengale says:

    Hello. My name is Angie Pattengale. I am the mother of Tara Pattengale, a fellow TeenPacter and friend of Jimmy’s. Though I never met him I feel like I knew him. Tara shared so much about their times together. She woke us (her dad, Butch, and I) in the middle of the night to ask us to pray and then again to tell us the news that he had gone to heaven. We watched a video link of his life together. It was hard for her living in Indiana but we were with you in spirit. Just yesterday at church I mentioned him again as we sang the Phil Wickham song, “Beautiful.” I understand it was the last one he led at Survival. Jimmy’s name comes up frequently here. Tara is at college at Olivet Nazarene University just 60 miles from home. She leaves this Thursday to intern at Endeavor East. When she applied to intern we had reservations because of the potential of missing a semester of college. However, she told us the Lord was not finished with her yet concerning this ministry, the ministry where she met your son. Bless you for starting this. It must be hard to live without him. I pray God’s grace sustain you.

  19. David Flanders says:

    Thank you so much for posting this Mr. Brazell. I will never forget the light and joy that Jimmy spread while he was here. I remember talking with him on Sunday mornings and he always had such a fire for the Lord. It just amazed me that no matter how bad or busy his week had gone he was always so committed to seeking after Christ with his whole heart. It was always such an encouragement to get to talk with him and share my struggles with him. He was such a good friend and brother in Christ. I will never forget him. Thanks again for creating this blog so that others who never got to meet Jimmy might also get a chance to see what kind of person he was.

  20. Hannah Booth says:

    Thank you Mr. Brazell for creating this.. What a wonderful way to remember Jimmy.. This phrase describes him perfectly.. So eager to learn everything about you and encourage wherever needed and be open for you to know him as well.. this is a blessing just as he was a blessing.

  21. Sam Walker says:

    Wow! This is so exciting for me. I am so blessed by your family and this project you are undertaking Mr. Brazell.

    It is a tearful journey forward of love and hope. He is still encouraging us to be legends and to chase after that which Christ took hold of us for.

  22. Janet Baber says:

    I love everything about this entry, Chuck…the memories of Jimmy and your challenge to us. It is rare to find someone who loves people so much…who truly cares and really means the “How are you?” greeting. So grateful for Christ’s love shining through Chandler to the world. We miss him.

  23. Meredith Wilkes says:

    Hi Jimmy, my name is Meredith. I heard about you through TeenPact friends. I wish I could have known you personally. The small details I read about you here are inspiring, so I know the whole, real you must have been amazing. The things I’m reading here are right in line with something God is teaching me. I seems strange to think that God knew your actions would one day be here in print for me to find and learn from. Your life could not have been fuller if you had lived to be 100. You have accomplished your purpose. May I one day say the same. “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

    • admin says:

      Hi Meredith, Thank you for sharing. You will get to meet Jimmy someday! Keep listening to God and let Him teach and direct you. He is looking for servants that will surrender all and be all for Him. Many are called but few are chosen. Keep fighting the Good Fight! Chuck Brazell

  24. Kenneth Pace says:

    Mr. Chuck,
    Thank you for sharing this blog. It has made me think about who I really am and who God intended for me to be. I never knew Jimmy personally but reading this makes me feel like I know who he really is and who God called him to be. This blog has really impacted me to want to reach out to others and serve them in the way that God intended for me to serve. I really appreciate this and am looking forward to future blogs. Thank you again.

  25. My heart goes out to you in the loss of your beautiful son. Craig Brown sent this site…a soulful memorial to a very talented person. Your faith has held you together knowing Jimmy is with the Lord. Jimmy’s influence will continue to inspire others to become closer to their God. You were blessed with an exceptional son.

    Love in All,

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