To all of Jimmy’s friends – new and old!

This is the first post in the blog dedicated to Jimmy Brazell!  Future posts will include photos, quotes, sayings, philosophy of life and beliefs of Jimmy.  He lived not a perfect, but a purposeful life.  He lived a life to be modeled.  Fortunately for us, he left journals, songs and notebooks full of sayings and thoughts, and many of his friends as well as others who wished they had known him have asked us to share these with them.  We are happy to share these with you for the purpose of glorifying our Lord, honoring the life of Jimmy Brazell and just as importantly encouraging and challenging each of us to live life to it’s fullest, not taking for granted any amount of time we have on this earth and to serve as soldiers for the King!

Enjoy, and please share your thoughts and memories with us as well!

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10 Responses to To all of Jimmy’s friends – new and old!

  1. Anne says:

    I like the look and feel of the new blog!

  2. Nathan Baber says:

    Very nice! The site looks great and I’m so excited about this. Thanks for setting this up Mr. Brazell.

  3. Janet Baber says:

    Beautiful site. Beautiful, wonderful young man. Awesome God whom he served. Old and young, we should all be more like Jimmy who sought to live a life worthy of the name of Jesus Christ. I look forward to new posts and would like to receive them in my inbox or at least be notified when they are available if that is possible. Thanks.

  4. Stauros Gibson says:

    Thank you so much for making this site. I can hardly wait for you to post again.

  5. debbie Bonzon says:

    Thank you for making this site. We will have a chance to get to know Jimmy more! The love that so many people have expressed has introduced us to this amazing young man. He has impacted our family, even though we did not know him personally. He is an example to us of a life lived for Christ and a challenge for us to live passionately for the Lord, everyday, everywhere and with everyone.

  6. Bruce Tifft says:

    Chuck, I’m still praying for you and Rhonda daily.

  7. Hannah Middleton says:

    Jimmy was a wise man and a dear friend to many people. He is missed but his legacy and love for the Lord will live on even in his death. What a beautiful young man whom God used powerfully to proclaim his name. Im proud to call Jimmy my friend and brother. Love you jimmy boy! What a beautiful picture it is to imagine the joy you are experiencing now! You are satisfied and in the presence of your almighty father. miss you!

  8. Joshua Noble says:

    When Jimmy was at TeenPact 3 in Georgia , I was talking about how you couldn’t lose your salvation and Jimmy talked about how he heard about that, but read about people’s names being blotted out from the Book of Life. I then got out my Bible and read from 1 John 2. Before reading, he asked me to read the verses before and after the passage. I think he wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking anything out of context.

  9. Jonathan Bradley says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Brazell for doing this it has touched my heart. Even though I didn’t know him that much he has had an impact on my life.

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