18 Months


Chandler leading Worship- Beijing, China

Every once in a while, a person comes along who is so filled with love and grace that it spills over on to everyone he meets. He is so unashamed of Jesus that many may call him a fool. He is so convinced of his faith that it dictates everything he does. He is so surrendered to God, that he will follow His voice anywhere. He is so passionate in worship and life, that he’s like a blazing flame, spreading fire wherever he goes. He is so “hungry and thirsty for righteousness” that he is satisfied by God. He is so “poor in spirit” that he cries aloud on behalf of himself and the people. He is so transparent and real, that he draws people in. Every once in a while, we are blessed to know a unique person like this; and are touched and impacted by his love. All glory to God for the short and beautiful life of Chandler “Jimmy” Brazell, for it is through His power and grace that Chandler lived and loved.
Happy 1 1/2 years in heaven, Chandler! “It won’t be long” till we’re all together again. But until that time…there is much work to be done here on earth, and much love to share. We love you, and remember you with every breath!
Mom and Dad                                                                                                                          January 31, 2013


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