Jimmy Brazell Foundation


The Jimmy Brazell Foundation is a non profit organization established in 2011 as a memorial to Chandler J. Brazell and to:

1)  provide support and resources to ministries and organizations that Chandler was  active in and supported himself;

2) make a difference in the world by demonstrating the love of Christ to those in need and to those who are suffering.

Current Organizations and Ministries involved with include:

  • Jesus Camp
  • TeenPact Leadership Schools
  • CharacterWorks International –  newly formed organization of the Jimmy Brazell Foundation designed to teach english and character qualities to specific schools internationally.  Current project being developed for The Dandelion School- the Daxing District of Beijing, China.
  • Village of the Children- new orphanage in Cachora, Peru
  • Christian Union Sports Club- Medellin, Columbia

Thank you for your support and interest!

Donations and correspondence can be sent to:

Jimmy Brazell Foundation                                                                                                         1910 ESE Loop 323, PMB 317                                                                                                    Tyler, TX  75701

To receive updates on the Jimmy Brazell Foundation ministries and mission opportunities please provide your contact information the right.


-The Jimmy Brazell Foundation


7 Responses to Jimmy Brazell Foundation

  1. Pam Minyard says:

    Our family was blessed to know Jimmy. We miss him.

  2. Sara Huang says:

    I can’t wait to get involved in Jimmy Brazell Foundation!

  3. Darcy Terry says:

    Is there an address for the foundation for donations? We’d love to participate.

    • Chuck Brazell says:

      Hello Darcy and thank you for your inquiry and for your interest. The address for the foundation is:

      Jimmy Brazell Foundation
      1910 ESE Loop 323, PMB 317
      Tyler, TX 75701

      Doors are being opened! And we are especially excited about Character Works International which will work with the Dandelion School in Beijing, China. This summer we plan to introduce and set up a year long Character Training program with the school. I am happy to tell more about this and the other ministries if you are interested. Thanks again. -Chuck

  4. Dear Rhonda and Chuck,
    I don’t know if you realize it, but our son Benjamin was the recipient of the “Jimmy Brazell Servant-Leadership Award” presented after the Texas TeenPact State Class earlier this month. Having known Jimmy personally and admired him greatly, Benjamin was very humbled to receive this unexpected honor. He waited until he got home to tell us about it, and Doug and I both cried when he showed us the award. Since that time, I have observed in Ben a deep desire to walk in a manner worthy of this accolade. But, then, Jimmy’s life and testimony has that effect on most of the folks who knew and loved him, doesn’t it? His devotion to God and his enthusiasm for serving others was a beautiful thing to behold and a life-challenge to the rest of us.

    • Rhonda Brazell says:

      Thank you so much Jennifer. I cried as well when I heard of how Ben had served and received this special award. I know Jimmy would be so humbled and honored to know that he is remembered through the service of his friend. Keep shining, Ben!

  5. Bethany Baber says:

    I miss you, Jimmy, and am so blessed to have known you. You have impacted my life in so many ways, I couldn’t name them all. I wear these shoes that I call Jimmys and have written things about him on them. There have been people who have asked me, “What’s on your shoes?” I’ve been able to share Jimmy’s life and some of what he believed with other people who have never met him. People that I meet who have heard of Jimmy’s life through other people have been so taken aback and inspired like myself. Thank you so much for this website. It really is amazing.
    I really enjoyed celebrating Jimmy’s birthday yesterday and sending off the balloons.

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