‘Go Light Your World’ 2012 National STOA Speech and Debate Tournament


March 7-10th, 2012 was the first annual ‘Go Light Your World’ National Speech and Debate Tournament in Tyler, Texas.  Chandler “Jimmy” Brazell was remembered and honored by the theme ‘Go Light Your World’, the Tournament put on in his honor, and by all the volunteers who served in honor of Jimmy.

There were almost 200 students and over 500 total including students, parents, judges and volunteers who assembled to compete and serve.  Students came from over 6 states and from as far away as California and Missouri.

Students competed in Speech categories such as Interpretation, Persuasive, Impromptu and Apologetics.   Debate categories included Parliamentary, Lincoln-Douglas Value Debate and Team Policy Debate.

Hannah Campbell and David Nix received the "Light Bearer" award! These students were not debaters but gave 4 days of their time as Judge Liasions.

I was so impressed with the maturity, the skill and the knowledge base of the sudents competing and was very encouraged by the thought that these young adults represent the future leaders in government, business, church , home, etc.   I repeatedly heard similar remarks from judges and other volunteers.

Jimmy and our family were additionally honored and blessed by the tournament winners who, instead of receiving trophies, donated the value in money to the Jimmy Brazell Foundation to be used to continue the work Jimmy pioneered at the Dandelion School in Beijing, China.  Thank you to all of the winners!

Jennifer Woolsey and Wendy Baker were the organizers of the event.

Our family is very humbled and grateful to Jennifer Woolsey and to Wendy Baker who are the founders and organizers of the ‘Go LIght Your World” Speech and Debate Tournament.  They both invested months and countless hours of their time to host this event.   Our family would also like to thank all of the many volunteers who sacrificially gave of their time before and during the tournament.  Many of them donated their time in honor of Jimmy.  Thank you!  It was a beautiful event that was extremely successful.  I believe that in all aspects of the event, our Lord was glorified and that all involved were given the opportunity to increase their speech and debate skills but also were challenged to live their lives more intentional and to ‘Go Light their World.”


Chuck Brazell

Debaters were able to share how they were going to Light Their World on 3x5 cards. A group of debaters from Dallas arranged them into 'Jimmy's ' name.

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6 Responses to ‘Go Light Your World’ 2012 National STOA Speech and Debate Tournament

  1. Bruce Tifft says:

    A great tribute to Jimmy by loving friends. It is good to see that Jimmy’s zeal for spreading God’s love is being reinforced in and embraced by others of his generation and they are taking up the challenge to go light their world.

    Chuck, I’m still praying for you and Rhonda.

    • Chuck Brazell says:

      Thank you Bruce! We’re so grateful for all of the prayers for our family. It is our prayer that the Lord will continue to use Jimmy’s life to encourage us all to be more intentional and consistent with sharing God’s love and being a light to this dark world. I’m praying for Nathan as he is lighting his world this year by Program Directing TeenPact. I’m hearing great reports! -Chuck

  2. Kevin Taylor says:

    Debra worked as a judge. She said you had to be on your toes, that these kids were sharp and knew their stuff. Great event to happen here in Tyler. Jennifer Woolsey and Wendy Baker are awesome!

    • Chuck Brazell says:

      Kevin, Thanks for sharing! I really appreciated Debra serving as a Judge. The judges did have to stay on their toes. It’s encouraging to see this next generation of young adults rising. I know the Lord is behind it!


  3. Sounds like such a great event. I was disappointed to have to miss it this year, but am hoping it will become an annual tradition.

  4. Dina Ash says:

    What an honor for you and your family, for Chandler, and to God! Another example of the impact that Chandler is still having in all our lives because of the life he lived. He is an example to us all. Thank you for sharing your son with us. Our family misses him greatly and are proud to have been a part of his and your life.

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