2017 Go Light Your World – National Speech and Debate Tournament

2017 Go Light Your World

2017 Go Light Your World

This month we were blessed to again be part of the 6th annual ‘Go Light Your World’ STOAA National Speech and Debate Tournament held in Tyler, Texas.

The GLYW tournament provides an arena for students to learn, develop and practice their skills in speech and debate.  The mission is to encourage them to speak Truth and Love with Christ-like character in their communities and beyond.  By honoring the life and testimony of Jimmy Brazell, the students are taught to find their own voice and be equipped to go light their world!

Throughout the event during a daily worship time, I am honored to be able to share a message, challenging the audience of students and families to use their skills and talents to make a difference and to change their world for Christ.  This year’s message centered on the importance of ‘Setting Your Mind on Things Above’,  and by “by recognizing that we have died to ourselves we allow God, Who is Love, to love and reconcile the world through us.”

We would like to extend a huge thank you to Wendy Baker and Rebeka Hall who directed this amazing event and also to the multitude of volunteers and judges who made it all possible.  The Jimmy Brazell Foundation was blessed and is very grateful for a very generous donation provided from the proceeds of the GLYW tournament.



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