The Man Who Knew Love

JB- Teenpact Nationals

Jimmy Brazell- Teen Pact National Convention

Jimmy Brazell- Teen Pact National Convention

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2 Responses to JB- Teenpact Nationals

  1. Zach Hook says:

    One thing I loved about Jimmy, is that he cared about making an impact in people’s lives. He was joyful, and he had FUN living for Jesus.
    A few years ago at Jesus Camp, the night before the campers arrived, we went on sort of a prayer walk but also talked about life. We talked about how powerful worship is, we were both passionate about leading worship so most of our conversations revolved around it. He told me that one night he went on a walk and he thought “what if the next song I sing is the LAST song I sing? I want the last song I sing, to be a song for the Lord.” And he sang that song, not fully finished but, he had a chorus. That was so Jimmy, to live his life dedicated to Jesus.

    • Chuck Brazell says:

      Thank you Zach for sharing this! I never heard this story. I have been reflecting on this song “Last Song” over the last month or two and hope to share it in a blog post soon. Thank you for your encouragement to live our lives dedicated to Jesus by sharing this. -Chuck

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